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Volga in 30 days


Actor Ville Haapasalo’s 30 days -series continues with a journey along the longest river in Europe, the Volga. The journey begins in Ville’s former home town of St Petersburg, going through Russian heartlands all the way down to the Caspian Sea. This path is also known as the ancient Viking trade route to the East. During the adventure tackling thousands of kilometers, Ville becomes acquianted with countless people, ways of life and traditions, which can be found today along the historically significant trade route of the Volga.


Similar to previous seasons, the series portrays the unbelievable diversity of Russia through Ville’s adventures. Thrilling boat trips, local personalities, pagan religions and Buddhism, the brewing of beer and moonshine, underground culture, nomad camps and camel breeders, and a watermelon festival are just a few of the many things experienced along the way!


The current situation in world politics can be seen clearly along the route; nationalism is on the rise and export is stagnant. In addition, climate change has brought its own challenges to tradesmen with traditional sources of livelihood. Daily bread is scarce for many. Even so, the warmth and hospitality of Russians are second to none. Beanie-clad Ville is welcomed in every house and home. He is a beloved character, who once again invites his viewers along for the journey, to encounter wonderful, genuine people and the real, rough around the edges Russia. 


Volga in 30 Days

44 min, 10 episodes


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