Aki and Heli Palsanmäki run an auction house in Hirvaskangas, a village located in the municipality of Uurainen, north of Jyväskylä. The Redneck Auction shows the daily activities of Palsanmäki auction house and how interesting items find their way from the sellers into the hands of new owners.


Each week Aki and Heli search for different items to sell. Before money and goods can change hands, a price has to be agreed upon. Aki and Heli do not always share the seller's view on the precious item's value, so they have to engage in often tough price negotiations before a deal can be finalized.


Palsanmäki auction house has a wide selection of items. In addition to glass and ceramic items, Aki and Heli have acquired e.g. a separator, an old gun, toys, a wolf foothold trap and an old army pulk. Aki and Heli say this is what makes their job interesting – you never know what treasures you might come across. Sometimes they are also offered worthless junk, and they have to know how to politely decline the offer.


Items might be in poor condition or broken when purchased. Luckily the Palsanmäkis have Markku, a self-taught handyman, who can fix up and make any kind of item ready to be sold. Markku's modifications do not always sit well with Aki, but more often than not items end up for sale better than they were before.


Each Friday marks the auction day when Aki auctions all the items off in his humouristic style, without a reserve price. After a day of sweat and hard work, the results of the auction are visible on Aki's face. Business can be unpredictable: sometimes they make a nice profit and sometimes they suffer a big loss.

The Redneck Auction is one of the most popular tv-shows in Finland. It reaches more than a million viewers per week. Aki and Heli are loved by the Finnish press and on headlines several times during the year. The auction house has become a touristic site thanks to the tv-show.

The Redneck Auction

44 min, 12 episodes


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