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In the 7th season of The Au-Pairs series, the au pairs will literally head to the other side of the world, to scenic New Zealand. 


Ada, 19, from Espoo, grew up in a large Mormon family but resigned from the church a year ago. Ada, who enjoys singles, enjoys entertainment, but would also like to learn responsibility and independence, as she is not used to doing much housework at home. Because of the religion, Ada feels that she has missed out on normal teenage life and hopes to finally catch her lost youth in New Zealand.

Jussi, 20, who lives in Jyväskylä, is a jovial and diplomatic young man who also has a distracted and bohemian side. Cleaning is not Jussi's strength, but he is willing to try and eager to learn. Jussi, who works at a gas station, enjoys skateboarding and dreams of a career as a pharmacist. Before studying, however, Jussi wants to do something bold, and what better way than to go to the other side of the world as an au pair. Jussi's girlfriend Edith will stay in Finland and wait for his return. 


Half Turkish, 18-year-old Emel, who lives in Vantaa, is the temperamental of the group. Emel, who studies the tourism industry and works as a barista, has been an au pair abroad before, therefor the youngest of the group is not a first-timer.  But how outspoken and easily fired-up personality cope with new people far from home? Emel's boyfriend Viki is also left home to wait for her return.

Sini, 20, from Kittilä, is in her own words "a calm home mouse" with little experience of traveling. Sini, who works in the parish, wants more experience with children, because her dream is to be a class teacher one day. She doesn't drink alcohol and spends her spare time bullet journaling and watching Disney movies. Sini has lived her whole life alone with her mother.

How will the temperamental Emel, the distracted Jussi, the adventurous Ada and the conscientious Sini cope in New Zealand? How will the local families welcome the au pairs, and how will they get along in the group. And what will happen when a fifth au pair, Jane from previous season, rocks up and changes the original set up?


The Au-Pairs in New Zealand was released in spring 2020.

The season broke records and reached over 2,5 million starts since it launched on at Yle's streaming service. The season has been among the most watched programs on Yle Areena, VOD service, in summer 2020.


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