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The eight season of super popular The Au-Pairs series takes the audience to an island known for its lush moors and rugged cliffs, to Ireland.


Due to a global pandemic, fresh out of the pack au pairs; Ada, Luna, Igi and Nea begin their journey with a ten-day joint quarantine. What traits will the four au pairs reveal during this intense coexistence? And how will they get along? 


After the quarantine, it’s time to meet four very different host families. How will the au pairs adapt to their new family members and ever-changing situations? The corona restrictions bring their own surprises and spice up the emotional and challenging everyday life of the au pairs.


Strong emotions and drama, homesickness and difficulties of settling in will throw these youngsters around. However the opportunity to have new experiences, living abroad, partying and even finding romance is what is paying off.

The Au-Pairs in Ireland aired in summer 2021.

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