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In the 6th season of popular The Au-Pairs series we will travel to the exotic and picturesque Hawaii, the tropical islands known for its paradise-like nature blended with a metropolitan big city lifestyle. Four young girls; Annika, Amma, Emma and Talvikki leave Finland with their hearts wide open for adventure.

Annika is the outspoken one in the group. This temperamental girl is not afraid of saying her opinions out loud. Going through rough childhood has made her independent on early age at the same time she lacking experiences like travelling abroad. Annika is single who loves to party and is experienced in taking care of children. In addition, this wild young lady is comfortable with the idea of handling day-to-day duties of a host family in a home environment.

Amma studies Information Sciences (ITC) at the University of Tampere. Before finishing her Masters degree and settling down on her dream job she wants to experience some more. Love of study makes her spend countless hours inside libraries and she is bit concerned how her sensitive atopic skin will handle the strong burning sun in Hawaii. Despite the lack of experience in childcare the mature 23-year-old isn't feeling insecure. 

The Finnish Swede Emma is joining the other au-pairs in Hawaii. Emma is dreaming of becoming a party planner and is excited to go and party in Hawaii. She isn't sure if she likes children much and is bored easily. Without expectation she heads across the world waiting for new adventures and experiences. Emma's time in Hawaii is nothing but boring from the get-go!

Talvikki was adopted from China when she was a baby, now living with her parents in Helsinki. She is kind and conscientious, but still a bit unsure what she wants to do in life. This fresh high school graduate hopes the trip will bring clarity to her future plans. The three month long break from boyfriend Juho is making them both nervous.

How will temperamental Annika, academic Amma, adventurous Emma and conscientious Talvikki adapt to the new environment on the other side of the world? How will the locals welcome the visitors from up north? And how will the girls get along with each other?

The Au-pairs in Hawaii was aired in spring 2019.

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