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The Au-Pairs in Canada


In the 4th season of The Au-Pairs series we travel to Vancouver, Canada

– a city where busy urban life meets majestic nature. Roni, Mona, Sanna and Vanessa set off with great expectations. All are looking for a new direction and meaning to their lives.

Sanna was bullied over her sexual orientation and has not gone to school since comprehensive school. She hopes to gain confidence and a solution to her future plans from the trip.

Vanessa is a determined girl who dreams of a life abroad and her stint as an au-pair is the perfect opportunity to try her wings. Will the self-proclaimed strong leader manage the work of an au-pair?

YouTube star Mona (Mona Ilona) is going to Canada in search of fresh inspiration and maybe even some new followers, as well as clarity over her future plans.

Roni, a child of nature, dreams of working with children but will babysitting

a wild bunch of kids make him change his mind? He is off to a rough start at any rate…

In the style of previous seasons there will be a firework of emotions. Roni, Mona, Sanna and Vanessa are ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

The Au-Pairs in Canada aired in spring 2017.

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