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The Au-Pairs in Australia


In the third season of The Au-Pairs, four adventure-seeking young people travel to Australia in search of their dreams. Isabella, Juho, Susa and Henrietta pack their bags to see what life has in store for them down under. Will life be full of sunshine and surf or slow days changing diapers under the watchful eye of a strict host family?


Isabella, self-proclaimed ”Jesus fan”, gets comfort and strength from her faith. In Australia she wants to grow in her faith and visit the Hillsong church, which she cares deeply about.


Juho is the first male au-pair of the series. The young man doesn’t take life too seriously and he gets to take care of the teen-aged daughter of a single mother. Susa is a maneater from Eastern Finland, who expects to be turning heads on the other side of the world as well.


Funny and bubbly Henrietta is already used to living an independent life back in Finland and greatly enjoys going out partying. What will happen in Australia when freely flying Henrietta has to learn responsibility in a host family?


The Au-Pairs in Australia aired in spring 2016.

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