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We're All Here - Live has been nominated for TBI's Content Innovation Awards

Aito Media's entertainment show We're All Here - Live has been shortlisted for The Innovation & Ingenuity Award in TBI's Content Innovation Awards.

Winners will be announced on 3rd December.



We’re All Here - Live (Yle Olohuone: Kaikki kotona live) is a reminder that even when we are miles apart, we still have each other. The show featured the nation’s top artists performing live straight in your own living room during the COVID-19 spring.

In this interactive TV show viewers were able to share photos and news from their neighbourhood. We were also invited to visit the homes of the nation's biggest celebrities, who revealed to us the top 3 things that they like to do while at home.

We’re All Here - Live aired live on Yle's TV2 and FVOD service Areena in spring 2020. Aito Media created and produced the show in cooperation with Aku’s Factory, a Finnish audiovisual production company.

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