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Australian Adventure - new series out now

Australian Adventure is a series about four young city girls; Iida (18 years), Linda (22 years), Ninja (19 years) and Riikka (24 years) who pack their backpacks and travel across the world with dreaming about an adventure - a big city life and laidback job under the sun. Unfortunately the reality is quite the opposite, and instead of easy going jobs the girls end up working on manure-smelling farms. The girls face a cultural shock as they realize that there is a months-long labor camp ahead at the mercy of venomous spiders and rednecks.

Weekend getaways in the city bring epic parties and romance into the scene. The biggest turnaround in the series will be faced as the coronavirus takes over Australia. How will the girls cope during the pandemic far away from home?

Australian Adventure the entire season now on C More, SVOD service

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