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The Food Inventors - new season starts today

A revolution is taking place in the food industry second time a row. The Food Inventors series follows six food inventors, people or small companies, and how they compete to have their new innovative food product a place in the largest supermarket chain in Finland, S Group’s shelves. The show is hosted by a top chef and restaurateur, and the main judge of the competition Jyrki Sukula.

The inventors and their product development are scored each week by a panel of experts. Judging panel consists of five food, marketing and trading professionals. In addition to Sukula, the judges helping the competitors in reaching their goals are radio host and food writer Anni Hautala, Foodwest's research director Suvi Luoma, Finlayson's Jukka Kurttila and director Ilkka Alarotu from the S Group.

The first season was a huge success in Finland! The competition turned into a phenomenon and the tv show became the most talked about branded content series in 2019.

The Food Inventors new season premieres tonight at 8pm on Nelonen and Ruutu

News / Ajankohtaista

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