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Facing the new abnormal

“I have an idea for a movie, or it could also work as tv series. A virus takes over your country in a speed of a sound - actually it spreads around the World. People will die and fall sick. Everyone is scared for various reasons: losing their loved ones, jobs, name it! Companies go out of business and restaurants are closed. Government declares nationwide state of emergency. All borders are closed. Basically all passports are taken away. You even have to start filling a form to authorise performers or employees to cross over the border of the capital region in your country.” If someone had pitched this to you six months ago, it would have been a pass. Not for us, thank you, good luck. Past two months have been a time for tough decisions and big questions. When is it safe to continue shootings? When will the work continue? Right now, the view into the future is starting to look a bit brighter, the near future at least. Drama productions are rescheduled to next autumn. In addition, shooting factual and entertainment series might get easier soon. But we’re not returning back to new normal. We will be facing with a new abnormal. Greetings from virtual live concerts during coronavirus outbreak - We’re All Here Live produced for Yle - where we got a taste and glimpse of the future. In terms of content, nation’s biggest artists performed singalong in an empty studio. Home audiences sang in the front of their screens and sent their greetings to the studio's large video screen. New kind of interaction. In terms of production, the new abnormal is following: individually packaged sandwiches, disposable gloves and hand-sanitizer-smell everywhere. It’s the cautious reality of a last minute cancellations and constant replanning. But the new abnormal is also full of life. You, me and we all are experts by experience on this. A sneak peek from my world. I am on a conference call, which started later than planned. While on phone I’m restarting my younger daughter's computer, as Teams won’t open. A burnt smell - I realized the lunch is burning in the oven. I open the oven and lean forward to grab the food out. An airpod drops out from my ear and falls to the bottom of the oven. I’ll try to get it out with a potholder. Damn, I’m only pushing it further. From the other ear I hear a voice saying “So Ilkka, do you have any thoughts about this?” I say. “Hold on a sec, Sorry, could you repeat?” Ilkka Hynninen

Founder | Producer | Co-CEO

News / Ajankohtaista

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