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Mother-in-law turns Mother-in-Paw

Real laugh is something everyone needs right now. Mother-in-Paw is a humorous and fun comedy about an unusual relationship that forms between mother and daughter-in-law when a deceased mother-in-law is being reborn, with paws.

Mother-in-Paw is a comedy series about the Pitkänen family: mom Maria, dad Toni and kids Jenni, Janne and Sofia. One day Maria brings home a little stray dog that she has found on the street. Toni and the kids fall in love with the dog instantly and name the dog Paw. Soon after the family has decided to keep the dog, Maria discovers that her recently deceased mother-in-law Anna has come back and reincarnated into the body of Paw.

Charming and fun family comedy is about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and the rest of the family in between. The other one is trapped in a dog and the other one with an in-law - both persistently guarding their territory and wanting to get rid of each other.

To watch the trailer, please press here.

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