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PIRJO, PIRJO - popular comedy series returns with new episodes

Season two of comedy series Pirjo is finally here with ten new episodes to binge. First season premiered on Yle Areena in August, 2018 and reached over three million views during the autumn.

Pirjo is a woman who ends up in situations which often turn up extremely awkward. She is a friendly person who only wants to do good but completely ordinary encounters will have unexpected outcomes and sometimes even turn into a catastrophe. Circumstances are not always in her favor and misunderstandings can’t be avoided. The serie is scripted by famous Finnish stand-up comedian Pirjo Heikkilä together with well-known and respected director Lauri Nurkse. Named after it’s scriptwriter, all the episodes and scenes in Pirjo are derived from a real life observations, some which have actually happened personally to her.

The 20 new episodes of the season two is split in half - 10 episodes available now and second half to be released later this year. The five-minute-long short-form episodes are not in chronological order and one may view them in any order one prefers..

Pirjo - new episodes are out now.

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