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AWAY - Bali meet the cast

Away - Bali follows the life of four young Finnish adults in the tropical island of Bali. The series dives into the life of the travelling millennials and a little deeper into the big questions of the meaning of life and existence.

Balinese-Finnish Ayu mostly lives in Bali and is happy in her own Bali-bubble. Supersingle-titled Ayu is trying to find balance between the Western and Balinese culture, while living in the island’s hipster central. She works as a social media consult, surfs and goes out on dates whilst making sure there are enough offerings for the Gods at the nearby temple. Ayu dreams of having a family of her own, but has the difficulty of settling-down. How will she find a soul-mate from the eternal holiday island - where no one has the intention to find a relationship?

Jeppe, a rascal from the north, a real-life Peter Pan who travels between Finland and Bali. The former professional snowboarder lives in Bali almost 7 to 8 months a year and the rest of the year he works in a family business in Kuusamo, a town in the north of Finland. Jeppe knows how to totally let go and seize the moment. He spends his time surfing, practising yoga, skating and partying with friends. ´No care about tomorrow´ -attitude has worked so far, but what happens when you turn thirty - would it be time to finally grow up?

Meet Kati, a passionate surfer from Nurmijärvi, a rural municipality close to Helsinki. After years of travelling, Kati found herself falling in love with the island and its culture. This passionate surfer works and saves all her earnings in Finland each summer and escapes to live her dream in Bali for the winter. She has created her own little Bali-family, which consist of locals and other Finns. They live happily away from the crowded tourist location and trendy cafés. Gradually it would be the time to decide what to do in life as job opportunities in the island are close to nil. What will be Kati’s next step towards creating her dream life?

Intuition and inspiration-seeking Tiiu has just returned home from travelling the world. The last trip didn’t bring this restless soul the inner peace and harmony she was looking for, so she’ll keep looking and heads over to Bali. In the horizon looms a place where this artistic soul can focus on herself - practice yoga, dance, sing, paint and get lost in the jungle. Spiritual journey to oneself can sometimes be against life’s desires and she founds herself balancing in between spirituality and materialism, while old insecurities rise to surface. Will the inner zen and happiness be found from the island of Gods, or will the search and the journey continue?

Away - Bali introduction episode out now from channel Yle Areena.​

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