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Ville Haapasalo back on the road in new travel series - destination Finland!

New travel series Haapasalo’s Finland shows world traveler Ville Haapasalo discovering best parts of his home country of Finland. Ville explores Finland and its people in order to find out what the country is really all about. On his travels Ville meets ordinary Finns and examines how Finland of today is doing and where the much talked about Finnish sisu comes from. Of course, Ville also plans to try Finland’s finest and most extraordinary saunas.

The series consists of ten episodes with each episode focusing on a different Finnish county. Ville has chats with local influencers, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs and just your ordinary residents in the area. Through different people and experiences Ville learns about each county’s specialties and peculiarities. And saunas, well, there are a lot of them in this country. Ville gets to visit for example a phone booth sauna, an airplane sauna and a duck sauna to name a few.

They say traveling opens your eyes. This is very true when Ville finally gets to explore his beloved home country.

Haapasalo’s Finland now on air.

News / Ajankohtaista

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