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Tanja and The Deaf Europe - new travel show begins!

Tanja and the Deaf Europe series shows our continent from a slightly different perspective. Deaf world traveler Tanja Honkanen explores nine European countries in eight episodes of the series.

Tanja loves traveling and has been all over the world. Europe however has stayed rather undiscovered and now it’s time for her to experience what her home continent has to offer. In each destination Tanja meets interesting people and hears their amazing, inspiring stories. Tanja also challenges herself and faces her fears both in water and in the air. Confident and outspoken Tanja lives her life to the fullest and wants to show that being deaf does not stand in the way of new experiences while traveling – or living her life in general.

From legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris to breathtaking mountain views in Slovenia, Northern Spain’s beaches to beer tasting at Oktoberfest and all the way to post-communist Albania, Tanja gets to visit and experience some of the most intriguing places in Europe. Different cuisines and above all interesting people and their life stories await in different countries. However deaf culture unites over boarders and sign languages.

Tanja and the Deaf Europe now on air.

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