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New season of The Redneck Auction celebrates the show's 100th episode!

There is cause for celebration on the new season of The Redneck Auction. The season starts with the 100th episode of the popular show and the auction also turns thirty!

In addition to Aki and Heli Palsanmäki, we will get to know other people working at the auction such as Veera from the cafe, Veikko from traffic control, not to mention Erkki from the front row, who is a proper legend in Hirvaskangas. Erkki has visited the auction for 30 years now! And of course Markku the handyman - or should we say the MacGyver - of Hirvaskangas, keeps surprising us with one brilliant customizing idea after the other.

On the 8th season we will see what kind of a present Aki receives from Aira Samulin, how to grill sausages with a flamethrower and how Heli reacts to Ti-Ti Nalle.

New season of The Redneck Auction airs Tuesday 13th of February at 9pm on Nelonen.

News / Ajankohtaista

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