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Crowd favorite Blind Date is back with new episodes!

Fall’s favorite show Blind Date continues Cupid’s work in January. The show brought together 20 couples in all during the Fall season. Some couples developed a friendship, some didn’t get along at all. Fortunately some romances were born as well.

A new airtime is the biggest change on the upcoming season. Blind Date moves from Thursday night into Sunday night. This way viewers have the chance to relax into the upcoming week with Blind Date.

As per usual, we’ll be seeing presenter Janne Kataja and pianist Lenni-Kalle Taipale leading the show in the studio. Comedienne Niina Lahtinen comments the studio shenanigans from her home in Riihimäki.

In the 21st century Blind Date, Miss or Mister X chooses a travel companion from suitors answering questions behind the screen. In addition to Finland, Blind Date is a long-lived international format extremely popular around the world.

Blind Date now on air.

News / Ajankohtaista

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