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Aito Media appoints four new permanent employees

Aito Media has appointed four new permanent employees. Director Sako Brockmann and producer Jenna Viitanen will reinforce the versatile content and production knowledge of the company. Technical Supervisor Jaakko Rinne and Post Production Assistant Monika Hytti will be in charge of Aito Media’s post production processes.

Sako Brockmann has been appointed as Director and Content Creator starting from 1st of April 2017. Brockmann has built an impressive career of 20 years in tv production and since 2009 has also worked in New York City through her production company Sideways8Media. The two-time Golden Venla -award winner has been a part of several productions of international formats and Finnish studio programs alike, such as Master Chef VIP, Good and Bad News and Tuubi. At Aito Media, Brockmann began as the director of the revamped Gladiators series.

Jenna Viitanen has eight years of experience especially with reality-tv productions and she has worked as production manager and producer in Aito Media’s productions. Viitanen has previously worked at Frematle Media and Miltton among others. Viitanen was appointed as Producer on 1st of March 2017.

Aito Media’s new Technical Supervisor Jaakko Rinne started in his position on 1st of August 2017. Rinne has previously worked at Apogee Oy as editor and camera operator. Rinne has a strong background working in post-production of av-productions in different roles ranging from freelancing, entrepeneurship to consulting. Along with Rinne, Aito Media’s post-production processes will be taken cared of by Monika Hytti who has previously worked as editing assistant and post-production coordinator at Aito Media, Gimme Ya Wallet and Mogul Media. Hytti started in her position as Post Production Assistant on 4th of September 2017.

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