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The legendary format Blind Date back in Finland

The legendary dating show Blind Date starts with all-new episodes on channel Four on Thursday 21st September at 9 p.m. The show features Mr. or Miss X, who has to select a travel companion from three candidates who sit behind a screen and answer his/her questions. The updated and entertaining Blind Date will air on Thursday nights with lots of surprises in store.

Blind Date is presented by Janne Kataja, who was practically born to host this show. And naturally, the show also needs a pianist who keeps the party going. This time, the challenge was accepted by the piano virtuoso Lenni-Kalle Taipale, who does not remain speechless behind his instrument. The actress and comedian Niina Lahtinen provides background support to Janne, Lenni-Kalle, and the contestants with her comments and helps Mr. and Miss X make what is perhaps the most important decision in their lives.​

Blind Date is a long-lived format that has been extremely popular not only in Finland but also around the world, and it is still the biggest and most beautiful dating show ever. The host Janne Kataja is very passionate about Blind Date because it tackles the fundamental questions in life: Will someone choose Mr. or Miss Right, and who gets to travel to Keuruu?

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