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The Gladiators storm the stage on channel Four

The legendary classic, The Gladiators, has been thoroughly updated as it returns to Finnish television this weekend. The reckless show will air on channel Four on Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m., starting on 23rd September.

Heikki Paasonen will host this colourful show, where a bunch of contestants battle against fierce gladiators in different events that require strength, agility, speed, and toughness. And it won’t be easy because all the gladiators are heavyweight professionals from many different sports disciplines.

The revamped show will feature 16 gladiators, who will give the contenders a run for their money: a former MMA fighter Jere Tiihonen, Juha ”Bull’s brother” Mentula with a total result of over 1,000 kilos in powerlifting, ”Finland’s most muscular woman” Minna Pajulahti, a former ice-hockey player and World Championship medallist Hannes Hyvönen, Oona Tolppanen with achievements in sports such as karate and rugby, a boxing superstar Amin Asikainen, an enthusiastic triathlonist Martina Aitolehti, a World Championship medallist in bodybuilding and powerlifting Suski Mantila, a fireman and fitness professional Vertti Harjuniemi, a World Championship medallist in wrestling Rami Hietaniemi, a basketball player Laura Saarinen, an American football player on national level Milena AbbasMamode, a nearly two metres tall muscleman Jucci Hellström, an expert in fencing and CrossFit Terhi Lumme, an avid gym-goer and an owner of a wellness business Aki Manninen, and Aki’s wife, a multiple medallist in aerobic gymnastics Rita Niemi-Manninen.

The series has eight elimination episodes with a total of 16 women and 16 men as contenders. The top contenders will then move on to the four semi-final episodes, and the season will culminate in the finale, where the best fighters of the season will be crowned.

News / Ajankohtaista

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