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The fourth season of Letter To My Baby offers a new kind of viewing experience

New episodes of Letter To My Baby will air on Liv on Tuesdays at 9 p.m., starting on 19th September. This season, the social media aspect of the series is even more extensive. The host of the show and the man with a velvety voice, Sami Kuronen, will read a bedtime story live on Instagram every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m., right before the episode airs on TV. And after each episode, the Theraplay-therapist Leea Mattila, who supports the families featured in the show, will answer viewers’ questions on Letter To My Baby’s Facebook page.

”We got the idea for the bedtime stories when we thought that the programme now airs on Tuesday nights at 9 and that it would be a good time to put the children to sleep. I know from personal experience that it’s not always easy, so I will now offer my helping voice to the parents”, Kuronen explains.

The fourth season of the series will introduce ten pregnant women, every one of whom has a unique story. We get to see, for instance, what it is like when the mother of a large family has mixed feelings about her pregnancy because a difficult back pain prevents her from functioning properly. We also meet a mother who expects her second child and has a congenital disease, which makes the fragile pregnancy even more risky. We learn what it is like to become a mother for the first time when you are in mourning, or to be pregnant with twins when you don’t have a partner, or to dream about a home birth. The new season also emphasises the roles of the fathers-to-be.

Letter To My Baby follows pregnant mothers and their first weeks with the new baby. Every episode presents the journey of one family from the final stages of the pregnancy to when the baby is a few weeks old. The series will show that there are more than one way of being a parent. All the families are in the same, exciting phase in their lives: expecting a new family member. The situation in some of the families is challenging, but every family expects the new life with their hearts bursting with love.

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