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Finland’s Biggest Crime Mysteries examined on channel Four

A thrilling new TV series hosted by Arman Alizad starts on Monday nights on channel Four. Finland’s Biggest Crime Mysteries is a documentary series, in which Arman and the best crime investigators in Finland introduce ten unusual incidents in the Finnish crime history. The focus is on the biggest mysteries of this country.

The show leads the viewers into the world of strange disappearances, murders, deceptions, and robberies. Each episode takes the viewpoint of the authorities and follows the investigation of a case all the way from the beginning to the final sentences issued by the court. The result is a story that gives the viewers strong emotions, disbelief, and blood-curdling excitement.

The cases presented on the first season include a taxi driver who went missing in Lahti in 2001, the deaths of the ”black widow’s” boyfriends near Heinola in the 1990s, and a daughter who reported her mother missing in 1993, which lead to a crime investigation that lasted for eight years. In addition, the show features many old and nearly forgotten cases.

Finland’s Biggest Crime Mysteries will air on Mondays at 10 p.m. on channel Four, starting on 18th September 2017.

News / Ajankohtaista

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