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The hit format Finland’s Smartest Person starts on MTV3

Finland’s Smartest Person is a game show for the whole family, and it is based on a Canadian hit format. It will air on MTV3 on Thursday nights, starting on 14th September at 8 p.m. The dynamic and exciting show will demonstrate to the viewers what it means to be smart.

In the show, 28 talented and carefully selected people compete for the title of Finland’s smartest person. They are tested in exciting and funny challenges that require speed and immersion. The challenges are divided into six intelligence categories: musical, physical, social, logical, visual, and linguistic. The winner is not necessarily the one with the best trivia knowledge or the highest education. A meter maid, a stay-at-home mum, or a top surgeon – anyone has a chance to win!

In each episode, four people with different backgrounds compete for a place in the finale in front of a studio audience. Eight competitors will earn a ticket to the season finale, where one of them will be crowned as Finland’s smartest person. The competitors include for example a logically intelligent opera singer, a welder who sews dance costumes, a secretary who has done well in Mensa’s IQ tests, a nurse who competes in martial arts, and the Nordic champion in salsa dancing. The competitors’ array of special skills is huge, including coding, juggling, strategy games, acting, playing the drums, and different martial arts.

A well-known radio and media personality Jussi Heikelä is the host of the show, and the actress Sari Siikander, humorist Simo Frangén, and the stand-up comedian Riku Suokas act as guest judges.

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