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The anarchistic Explosion Squad starts on Jim

Explosion Squad, which starts on Jim on Thursday 14th September at 9 p.m., is an anarchistic reality show, where science is just an excuse for explosions. In every episode, Finnish myths and urban legends are busted by doing dangerous experiments. The squad entertains the viewers by treating celebrities’ traumas with explosion therapy, coming up with more exciting ways to do daily chores, and devising some crazy inventions.

The Explosion Squad tries to find out things such as how large is the bang when you drop a 400-kilo stone from a truck platform on 45 kilos of dynamite, is it possible to drive a motorcycle through an elk, and was Prince Dolgorukov shot in half with a cannon in the Finnish War in 1808.

Sara ”Saara” Forsberg and the special effects guys Henri ”Henkka” Kiviniemi and Sami Tammi are three people with no survival instincts whatsoever, and they put their lives on the line purely for entertainment. Sara guides the fearless special effects guys towards mythical stories, challenges them to create outrageous inventions, and offers intense explosion therapy to celebrities such as Isac Elliot, Martina Aitolehti, and Kimmo Vehviläinen.

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