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Breaking Bread continues on Yle Teema & Fem

The second season of multicultural cooking show Breaking Bread is on air in Finland this autumn on Yle Teema & Fem. This season takes us on a tasty trip all the way from arctic, northern kitchens to hot flavors of tropics. The well-known foodie Ville Haapasalo invites guests from Nigeria, Lebanon, Japan, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Israel, Ireland and Finnish Lapland to join him in his cosy kitchen.

In Breaking Bread host Haapasalo welcomes families and groups of friends from different cultural backgrounds into his kitchen in order for them to teach him how to prepare dishes characteristic of their cultures. While cooking, they talk about topics ranging from the characteristics and customs of the culture in question, to the life stories of the guests. We will also learn about their life and experiences in Finland. Each episode also shows a taste test by Ville, where the guests have handpicked a food, drink or ingredient for him to try, boldly blindfolded, of course.

On this season the appetite is tempted for example with fresh oysters, a couldron is filled with reindeer hooves and eggs are left blackening in an owen over a night. The glasses are filled with mango drink, Arak and rum. Flaming bananas, noodle cake and puff puff balls perfect the menus.

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