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Aito Media strongly present in Nelonen Media’s fall program

Aito Media has a whopping 8 productions in Nelonen Media’s newly published fall program. In the fall of 2017 we get to, for example, enjoy the totally renewed entertainment show Gladiators, get excited over thrilling Crime Stories and witness random explosions of all kind in Ready Steady Explode!. In the fall we will also see the return of the legendary dating show Blind date. Coming up are also new episodes of old favorites such as The Night Patrol 2017 and Find My Family.

Perhaps the most surprising of Aito Media's new productions is the widely loved dating show Blind date, which returns to screens with a brand new season. Just like in its first ever episode back in 1985, also now Miss or Mr X chooses their dream partner from three competing suitors. Recruitment for participants is on full mode and the filming will start at the end of July.

Gladiators, a true 90s classic, is another show resurfacing totally reborn. The impressive entertainment show will see competitors fighting against gladiators in several different tasks demanding strength, agility, speed and persistence. The season will culminate in a grand finale where the coronation of the best fighters will take place.

In Crime Stories, Arman Alizad and the toughest crime investigators of Finland tell us about ten deviating cases in Finnish crime history. Viewers get to dive into the world of odd disappearings, murders, deception and robberies.

Ready Steady Explode! is a hilarious new show, where science is only an excuse for explosions. We will see Finnish myths debunked with dangerous tests, celebrities receiving explosion therapy, imaginative ways to do chores and development of mad inventions.

In addition to totally new programs, viewers will be happy to know some old favorites are back as well; stay tuned for new episodes of The Night Patrol, Find My Family, The Redneck Auction and Letter to My Baby!

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