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Finnish Gladiators is back! - a reborn entertainment show for the whole family

Aito Media brings back legendary 90s classic Gladiators next fall to be aired on Nelonen starting from September.

The totally renewed program will be filmed at Tampere's Tähti Arena as a week-long extravaganza at the beginning of June. Viewers will have the chance to become live spectators on the arena by purchasing tickets to the shows.

The impressive entertainment show will see competitors fighting against gladiators in several different tasks demanding strength, agility, speed and persistence. The show will be presented by Heikki Paasonen.

The action-packed entertainment spectacle will have 16 gladiators -8 men and 8 women - standing as the opponents of the competitors, all of them highly skilled professionals from many different fields in sport.

16 women and 16 men will compete in the 8 elimination trial episodes. The best of them will make it to the four semifinal episodes. The season will culminate in a finale where the coronation of the best fighters will take place.

Gladiators coming up in September.

News / Ajankohtaista

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