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Aito Media proudly presents: Find My Family in production for channel Four Finland! The application

Aito Media is producing the series Find My Family. The series’ brand new presenter will be Anni Hautala, also known from Radio Suomipop. The series will be aired on channel Four Finland. The application process has only just begun!

The series Find My Family reunites long-lost loved ones, who have gone missing for one reason or another. Pondering over missing father, loosing contact with the best friend, missing information about your own ancestry or long-lost love will not leave the mind at peace.

It feels great to be part of the series! I have watched Find My Family before and cried with the rest of the Finnish population. The shooting will be emotional”, says Anni Hautala.

I encourage people to apply to the series because life is too short for wondering ’One day, I should find out what happened to that person or what kind of person they really were’. Now there’s an opportunity to do it! We join you, help you, and accompany you the whole way. You should seize the opportunity now!” Hautala encourages.

You can apply to the series from here

The series’ starting date on Channel Four Finland will be announced at a later date

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