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The Red Neck Auction broke the TV ratings – the series reached 1,1 million Finns!

On Tuesday, April 12th premiered The Red Neck Auction’s 9th episode of the fourth season, which reached over 1,1 million Finnish viewers. The average ratings of the episode were 762,000. The episode broke all the series’s previous TV ratings.

In The Red Neck Auction, Aki and Heli Palsanmäki run an auction house that has been in Aki’s family over 25 years. The auction house is situated in Hirvaskangas, on the northern side of Jyväskylä. The series follows the auction house’s everyday life, and the journey of interesting items from sellers through the auction all the way to new buyers. The series also features helper Markku. In the recent series, Aki and Heli also buy intriguing items from celebrities. In the last Tuesday’s episode, the auction pair did business with musician Janne Tulkki.

The new fourth season episodes of The Red Neck Auction air on Tuesdays at 9PM on the channel Four Finland

The shooting of fifth season starts in April

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