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Haggle Battle and The Night Patrol: Scripted Edition launch April in Aito Media!

April in Aito Media opens up with a strong tv-series repertoire. On Monday, April 11th the enduring viewer’s favorite The Night Patrol: Scripted Edition returns to the screens with new episodes. Saturday, April 16th premieres a brand new, hilariously funny Haggle Battle series. Both series are shown on channel Four Finland.

In the series The Night Patrol: Scripted Edition we get to follow customer encounters which cannot be seen on The Night Patrol original series. The incidents shown in the episodes are based on real-life situations, but details have been altered in order to protect the real people involved in the cases. The situations are acted according to the real events, and actors represent the suspects and the people involved. In the new episodes, the familiar The Night Patrol series’ police officers from Vantaa, Pori, Lahti and Oulu bring the real life crimes on the screens.

The series Haggle Battle marches to the screens the country’s splendid traders Jethro Rostedt, Aki Palsamäki from The Redneck Auction, and Janne Kataja. In this humorous and cheerful family program our showmen buy interesting items from the ordinary citizens and merchants all around Finland. The sellers appear in front of the buyers as well as studio audience, and the trades are made immediately on the spot.

The Night Patrol: Scripted Edition is shown on channel Four Finland starting April 11th every Monday at 10PM.

Haggle Battle premieres on channel Four Finland April 16th and is shown every Saturday at 8PM.

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