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The Nation’s Best Wedding charmed the television audience – the series premiere reached 375,000 view

On the channel AVA the first episode of The Nation’s Best Wedding was premiered on Tuesday, March 15th. During the evening in total 375,000 Finnish TV-viewers followed the series.

The premiere got the average ratings of 192,000, and altogether the episode gathered 240,000 television viewers (in the course of both screenings of the first episode). During the evening, the series reached 375,000 Finns.

Every episode of The Nations’s Best Wedding shows one couple’s love story, wedding planning and, as the highlight of the episode, the wedding party. The panel of brides watches and rates the wedding and, at the end of the season, the nation’s best wedding will be crowned. In the final episode, the ruthless and blunt brides reveal whose wedding has been chosen as the best of Finland.

The Nation’s Best Wedding will be hunted down with the presenter Tuija Pehkonen on channel AVA from 8PM every Tuesday.

Source: The Audience Measurement of Finnpanel TV, over night rating of 4-yrs+ Finns. * The reach of = minimum of 3 minutes of unbroken viewing

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