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The Redneck Auction's season start reached nearly a million viewers - Channel Four Finland order

The 4th season of the Redneck Auction started on Tuesday the 16th of February at Channel Four Finland. Season start reached nearly a million viewers, 946 000 to be precise. Channel Four Finland ordered the 5th season right away!

The premier episode had 678 000 linear viewers in total. The episode reached all together 946 00. Growth from last year was 29%!

The Redneck Auction won the price of the best tv-show of the year 2015. Aki Palsanmäki, the auctioner, was the best performer in 2014. The prices were given by the audience in the Finnish Emmy Awards (Kultainen Venla).

The Redneck Auction shows the daily activities of Palsanmäki auction house and how interesting items find their way from the sellers into the hands of new owners. The Palsanmäkis have Markku, a self-taught handyman, who can fix up and make any kind of item ready to be sold.

New episodes from season 4 on Air at Channel Four Finland.

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