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Aito Media’s shows will become digital phenomena

Sanna Ignatius joins Aito Media as a Press & Marketing Manager.

Television series live off stories and the phenomena evolving around them. Aito Media, a production company known for its factual and reality series, will begin firmly building its series into entities, where interaction within digital channels will be a part of the concept, production and viewing experience of a show.

Aito Media will revolutionize its production process by adding the building of digital phenomena as part of the concept of shows. At the same time the production company will strengthen its digital and social media knowledge when MA Sanna Ignatius moves into the position of Press & Marketing Manager from her previous employer Nelonen Media.

”The role of Ignatius will be to package our productions into ready bundles, in which the marketing and communications aspects are already built-in. Ignatius will also join Aito Media’s product development by bringing her communicative view into the planning of formats”, says Ilkka Hynninen, the CEO of Aito Media.

Ignatius has extensive experience in media communications and marketing. Before joining Aito Media, Ignatius worked at Nelonen Media for 10 years. Ignatius’ strengths lie especially in building phenomena around and utilizing social media channels in marketing of programs. Ignatius also has comprehensive list of contacts in the Finnish press and other operators within the media industry.

”The competition over audiences is in full speed and a quality show in itself won’t be enough in the future. Program contents will have to be built to feature interesting topics and work with other distribution platforms in addition to linear television. A program will have to keep up-to-date, be in the moment and converse with the viewer. For example different social media channels enable this kind of dialogue”, Ignatius notes.

The best known series produced by Aito Media are The Redneck Auction, The Night Patrol, Ville Haapasalo’s 30-days series, Letter to My Baby and All-Star Lifeguards!. Aito Media’s programs have been seen in 40 countries both as formats and as ready series. Counted among the largest production companies in Finland, Aito Media Group has consistently increased its revenue since the year of its foundation and now has a revenue of 11 million euros for the current accounting period.

News / Ajankohtaista

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