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Nation's Best Wedding


Nation’s Best Wedding undergoes a transformation for the second season as the decision over nation’s best wedding will be made by an unbiased jury.


The show brings us the love stories of ten couples, following preparations for their wedding day.  A quick-tongued jury seated in a studio follows the preparations leading up to the big day. The unbiased jury is composed of love doctor Emilia Vuorisalmi, Teemu Muurimäki, fashion designer known for his wedding dresses, the radiant Eevi Teittinen and relationship blogger Sami Minkkinen. Tuija Pehkonen continues as the presenter.


In the second season we get to witness an office romance resulting in I-dos. We will also see how wedding arrangements are made when the bride is seven months pregnant. And how about setting up a wedding when there are renovation projects, moving houses and horses to take care of at the same time? Luxurious celebrations under the Grecian sun will be held as well.

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