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Love FAQ

  LOVE FAQ         

Should you admit to cheating? Should you say ”hi” to your one-night stands? Which animal has sex only once during its lifetime? These and many other questions are answered in Love FAQ.


This peculiar panel show, hosted by André Wickström, features a crew of familiar Finnish faces testing their knowledge on frequently asked questions about love. Guests give tongue-in-cheek answers, but never fear – sex therapists are there to provide the official truth in the end.


The show focuses on relationships and love life, challenging the regular guests to solve the mysteries of sex. The host and head judge André evaluates each answer and gives points for correct answers or the closest guesses. At the end of each episode we find out who among the guests is a true expert on love. Members of the show include Simo Frangén, Satu Silvo, Ismo Leikola, Lorenz Backman, Suvi West, Harri Moisio and Laura Paloheimo.

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