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Haapasalo and Friends


Haapasalo and Friends is best described as a ”talk show on the road”, where ten Finnish celebrities take actor Ville Haapasalo on a holiday to their favourite destinations.


Haapasalo will travel with Robin, Teuvo Hakkarainen, Michael Monroe, Matti Nykänen, Vicky Rosti, Mikael Gabriel and Jannika B, among others. Celebrities and destinations change with each episode yet conversations get deeper. Destinations seen on the show include Los Angeles, Sarajevo, Paris and Venice. Haapasalo’s friends have each chosen a destination with special meaning to them and will share stories and memories of important, life changing events along the way.


While carrying on deep conversations, they will get to know the destination and at times get up to something a little crazy as well. In addition to interesting places and good times, the show will give us a glimpse of a different side to the celebrity of the day.

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