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Four Star Home Makeover


In our houses, cottages or neighbourhoods there is always something to repair. Now it is time to work together and have an ultimate Four Star Home Makeover! In this new daily series four celebrities are visiting each others homes. During one week they live and travel together.

Here is the catch. In addition to the great journey together - four celebrities do a small home makeover together. Picture this: Four - not so handy - celebrities are having fun and wacky painting party! Doing crazy gardening! Or pimping each others bedrooms.

The four celebrities can paint a house blue, put new paving stones in front of a villa, or fix a leaking roof. The friend who owns the villa takes care of the others and sees to the dinner and that everybody is feeling good. After working, eating and socializing, the friends spend the night at the villa and take off in the morning to go to the next friend's house.


In our format package there is a strong production and storytelling engine. Each group of four celebs is with us for one week, so there are four episodes a week. In each episode the home owner chooses the best handyman of the day. After each week one celebrity will be awarded as the best celebrity handyman of the week. Next week we get to see a new group and watch how they get on while doing the makeovers at each other's places.


Each episode can be filmed in 1 day. Four Star Home Makeover is a fun and emotional reality makeover series. It is a unique way to produce celebrity biographies.

Four Star Home Makeover

Half an hour, 80 episodes

Celebrity Reality

Launch Broadcaster
Nelonen, Channel Four Finland

Originating Producer
Aito Media

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