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Crazy Taxi

  CRAZY TAXI          

In a taxi, you want to reveal it all.

In a taxi, you live life at full speed.

You can fall in love...

...or pick up a fight...

...or try to make a good impression on someone.


Crazy Taxi is a fun and cost-effective daily reality format from Aito Media. In each episode, we follow two taxi drivers and their customers.


The show is hosted by a kind – although not very bright – commentator.


Crazy Taxi is a completely new take on workplace reality. It is a unique way to combine reality television with comedy and even animation.


What kind of equipment should you use? What kind of recurring storylines and jokes will you need when editing? We at Aito Media make it easy for you with our complete production know-how package.


Crazy Taxi

Half an hour, 40 episodes

Workplace Reality / Comedy

Originating Producer
Aito Media 
In co-operation with Channel Four Finland

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