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Away - Bali

  AWAY - BALI   

Away - Bali follows the life and adventures of four Finns in their twenties and thirties in the tropical island of Bali. The series is shown almost in real-time. Ayu, Kati, Jeppe and Tiiu are living their dream in a place where you, too, would like to be when autumn comes around and the temperatures drop below zero.


The dull everyday life in Härmä can step aside when the winds of change start blowing and the sun and the waves call. A lust for freedom takes hold of these dream chasers in paradise.


Away - Bali encompasses the growing pains of Generation Y, self-searching, life’s big questions, lust for freedom, escaping responsibilities and chasing dreams in paradise, away from Finland. But is the grass actually greener on the other side of the world?


Happy greetings from where you, too, would like to be!

Away - Bali was aired in winter 2018.

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