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Breaking Bread


In Breaking Bread foodie Ville Haapasalo welcomes families and groups of friends from different cultural backgrounds into his kitchen in order for them to teach him how to prepare dishes characteristic of their cultures.


While cooking, they talk about topics ranging from the characteristics and customs of the culture in question, to the life stories of the guests. We will also learn about their life and experiences in Finland. The first season's eight episodes takes us almost around the world. Ville gets to know traditional dishes from Brazil and Afghanistan, tries the tastes of Peruvian jungle and mountains and attempts to master the art of Indian and Moroccan spices. Ingredients from Zambian, Malaysian and Somalian cuisines bring extra exoticness to the table.

In the second season the show takes the viewer on a tasty trip all the way from arctic, northern kitchens to hot flavors of tropics. Ville invites guests from Nigeria, Lebanon, Japan, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Israel, Ireland and Finnish Lapland to join him in his cosy kitchen.


Each episode also shows a taste test by Ville, where the guests have handpicked a food, drink or ingredient for Ville to try, boldly blindfolded, of course.

Breaking Bread was aired in autumn 2017.

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