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Arctic Ocean in 30 Days


In this series, Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo observes the present-say life on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in the northern Russia. As the viewer travels with Ville thousands of kilometres, he is invited among the first to experience the continually changing life by the Arctic Circle. The views balance between worry and hope. 

The ice on the Cap of the North is melting, which causes many changes in the area. When the Northern Sea Route melts, tourism and commercial transport will have a possibility to grow. Melting ice in the north inevitably affect the nature as well. The melting of the Arctic Ocean made Ville, who has travelled across Russia and seen all kinds of corners of it, ponder the future of this area. Ville sees the living conditions and fates of people as important. In his new series, he will find out, how the people at the Arctic Ocean experience this change. Do they see in it new possibilities for the area? Commercial transport on the northern shores will certainly increase, but Ville wonders, how it will benefit the people in the area.


The trip begins on Kola peninsula, which is usually familiar to Europeans. Many know where Murmansk is located, perhaps even Solovetsky. Some might have a perception of the Nenets people of Yamal peninsula. As the journey continues deeper in Siberia, the roads end, Internet cables don’t exist, and you only have running water if you run with your bucket. Life on the shores of the Arctic Sea is mostly primitive, but in places surprisingly modern, also. While the Nenets people live primivitely migrating and herding reindeer, close by is located the lively city of Nadym, prospering on the natural resources of the area. The same phenomenon is repeated along the journey of thousands of kilometers. During the fishing season, the Nganasan people in Dudinka fish enough for the whole year, under the smog clouds of the Norilsk nickel company. The diamond city Yakutsk glimmers with prosperity, and by the Lena river, flowing by the city, small villages live off the nature. In the extreme conditions of Chukotka, the families celebrate successful walrus and whale hunt. And make use of almost everything of their catch.


When compared to other 30 days -shows by Ville, this season differs in many ways. There are no ready routes. Except for business men and photographers of nature, there is very little tourism and traffic overall on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Travelling is made difficult by poor connections, challenging weather and permits.You have to apply for filming permits for months in advance, because northern Russia is strictly protected with rules and restrictions. Only few foreigners can experience the rugged beauty of the arctic nature with their own eyes.


With Ville, we have “licence to travel”. In Russia, Ville is considered a national hero, he is a tv star and actor, loved by all. He can gain entrance to Gazprom workers’ train, dinner table of big shots and 1300 meters underground in nickel mine of Nornikel. Not your ordinary travel show – even better.


Arctic Ocean in 30 Days

44 min, 10 episodes


Originating Producer
Aito Media

For more information
Vera Olsson 
vera.olsson (at)
Helsinki +358 40 523 2927

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