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Altai in 30 Days


Ville Haapasalo’s 30 days –series continues when Ville travels to the Altai Mountains in South-East Russia.


They say the Altai is the most spiritual and mystical place in all of Russia. While exploring the region, Ville indeed meets indigenous peoples worshipping the mountains, learns throat singing and takes part in the national championships of rapids shooting as the only non-Russian contestant.


The Altai is situated between Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. During Soviet times the area was a popular hiking destination, where people came to soothe their minds and souls in its pure waters and nature.  The Altai was forgotten for almost 20 years until the burgeoning eco-tourism brought in a new wave of nature-loving visitors. For Russians, the Altai represents beauty and purity but at least for now, only a few Europeans have discovered its magnificence.


This season delivers phenominal scenery in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, filled with turquoise tarns, archeological findings, glaciers, rushing mountain rivers, rare animal species and gigantic water falls. The tallest peak of the mountains reaches up to 4700 meters.


The 9 episodes show Ville exploring the mountains within three different territories: Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.  He roams through natural wonders and in addition to the modern life of the Altai, gets to witness the ancient historical meaning of the region.  The episodes reveal many areas yet to be seen in Finnish television and even our beloved globe-trotter finds new experiences despite having lived in Russia for over 20 years.

Ville gets a unique opportunity to see the mummy of a Scythian princess usually hidden from audience, meets a rare European bison herd and takes part in the national championships of rapids shooting as the only non-Russian contestant.


There are many indigenous peoples in the Altai and during the shooting of the series a once in a lifetime opportunity to film the yak herding, mountain spirit worshipping Telengit indians presented itself.  Ville also gets to wash his eyes in the sacred fountain of the Altaians, visits an antler spa and learns local throath singing.

Altai in 30 Days

41-43 min, 9 episodes


Originating Producer
Aito Media

For more information
Vera Olsson 
vera.olsson (at)
Helsinki +358 40 523 2927

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