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Alina Goes East 2


In the new second season of Alina Goes East -series actress Alina Tomnikov and her photographer boyfriend Lauri Laukkanen are travelling around Eastern Europe. The couple starts their trip from Warsaw and after many twists and turns ends up in Saint Petersburg. In the upcoming eight episodes Alina and Lauri will also visit Krakow, Modlin, Oświęcim(Auschwitz), Ljubljana, Tolmin, Piran, Prague and Moravia Wine Region.

Alina and Lauri are both half Russian and have lived their whole life in Finland. In order to get to know their Slavic roots they embark on this journey and head east. What is the everyday life like for a person in their 30s in Eastern Europe? This is the  question Alina and Lauri are travelling to find out.

While backpacking from one location to another, Alina and Lauri meet the local young adults to discuss the burning topics such as refugees, racism, feminism, the rise of the right-wing populism and the issues concerning refugees and the climate. They will visit trendy hipster coffee shops, tourist attractions, parks, market places and festivals. Besides unforgettable encounters, the couple will surprise each other by taking them to a place which they would least expect. The reactions are memorable.

The second season of Alina Goes East reveals a lot about the relationship between Alina and Lauri. The trip is their first time travelling long distance together and backpacking rarely goes without a hitch. Adversity can’t be avoided in this month-long adventure. Camera reveals just how the couple will overcome and survive through the upcoming challenges on the way. 


They show a deeper insight on their journey on Social Media. The accounts will also showcase the amazing photos taken by talented Lauri Laukkanen along the way.

Alina Goes East second season was aired in autumn 2019.

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